The Canada 150 rink was constructed in accordance with the National Building Code to provide all guests an opportunity to enjoy the Canada 150 rink.

The rink features universally accessible ramps located at the main entrance (southwest corner) onto the main viewing platform, an accessible entrance to the player change trailers (southern entrance) and two accessible ramps located on the east side of the site which will lead into a two tiered covered tent with two elevated platforms and barrier free access within it.  Clear polycarbonate panels located on the southeast and southwest corners of the rink provide a view into the rink surface for those guests located on the main viewing platform.

The Canada 150 rink will provide barrier free compliant thresholds at player/access gate locations enabling sledge hockey players to skate on and off the rink while in their sleds allowing the rink to host sledge hockey games and/or demonstrations.  The rink boards located at the benches have clear polycarbonate panels for participants to view the rink during play and the bench area has been made wider to accommodate sledge hockey players proper spatial access in front of the players bench.